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Character's Full Name: Legacy | Anna Marie Darkholme
Character's Canon: Marvel Comics
Character's Canon Point: X-Men Legacy, Issue 245, after giving Last Rites to Tempo
Character's Journal Name: [personal profile] lastrites
What would you like your character's tag to be?: Legacy

Answer the following questions in no less than 300 words but no greater than 1000 words put together...
Character's background (their past and present):

Earth 11326 is a re-written universe. Removing impactful people like Charles Xavier from the timeline, no popular mutant hero groups are ever formed, so anti-mutant sentiment runs wild. Dr. Henry McCoy, a mutant rights activist, is beaten to death in a riot during the March of Purity. Jean Grey’s powers manifest in a gigantic explosion, in the shape of a Phoenix, that levels Albany, New York, killing over 600,000 people.

Legislation is passed for the building of mutant hunting robots called Exonims, which arrest or kill mutants on sight. Families of mutants are equally targeted, forced to either be sterilized or incarcerated for being carriers of the mutant X-gene. Mutants are executed in droves in prisons such as Alcatraz. In a few months the mutant population just in the United States plummets in what is dubbed The Decimation.

Even European countries, though less harsh publicly, push out the mutant population, deporting them to remote islands. The ships carrying these mutants became targets of terrorist attacks, and only members of the Mutant Liberation Front are able to save a handful of ships, and redirect them to Canada.

Legacy (Anna Marie) was born into this world. She was adopted at a very young age by Raven Darkholme (Mystique) and Irene Adler, and raised in a caring, supportive home. She was taught to not fear her powers and to use them skillfully. Until one day both Irene and Raven were tested positive for the X-Gene and were arrested. Because she was not their biological child, Anna Marie was not tested, which offered her the opportunity to go into hiding.

She joined the Mutant Liberation Front and worked in efforts of gathering intel for raids and attacks on large targets, including the Trask Corporation, Genosha, San Francisco, and New York. At some unspecified time after that, she met up with Magneto and joined his cause (possibly also becoming his lover), and during this time she was temporarily reunited with her mother Raven, who had escaped custody.

Magneto then, in a show of defiance against the human enemies, used his powers to steal multiple skyscrapers, including the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, and the Empire State Building, and created the mutant haven called Fortress X. After its inception, mutants flocked to the Fortress in droves, devoting their lives to the cause of keeping this small scrap of land and liberty free for mutants. In response, the United States government formed a team of elite humans, The Avengers, to hunt down and destroy Magneto and the mutants who follow him.

During a raid on the Fortress, Captain America (Steve Rogers) came upon Mystique and killed her, only to discover that she had been protecting young children. Horrified, he ordered the Avengers to stand down and quit the field, only to have one of the number, Steel Corpse (Tony Stark), be taken over by an override code. Captain America was forced to kill him. Then in turn, took the remain Avengers against the Hulk. Rogers was mortally wounded in the battle to save the Fortress, and the innocents inside, and for his sacrifice, Legacy performed The Last Rites upon him, keeping his memory inside of her.

The Fortress has been standing now for 1000 days. Legacy functions as the archive of those mutants who are too wounded to save. She is known as The Reaper, in an unaffectionate way, by some residents of Fortress X.

Character's personality:

She is exhausted. Emotionally and mentally. she swore to keep the legacy of mutants within herself, as each one died, one by one. But where does that leave her? She wants to help people. She wants to live up to the example her mothers set for her, but she’s not allowed, at least not in the ways she wants to. It’s always someone else’s call when she steps up, when she’s been trying to step up her whole life. She resentful of it, and of her own complacency in how it came about. But the circumstances of her life seem to leave her with little choice in the matter. She is considered too valuable to lose, and too necessary not to use.

She’s comfortable with her powers, with being a mutant, but being a person has been put onto the back burner. Partly out of necessity; the constant escalation between mutants and humans, forcing her to be on the run nearly always, put having a life at the bottom of the list. Survival has been the utmost importance since her mothers were arrested. Then once she becomes the Reaper of Fortress X, she’s living not for herself but for those she has given The Last Rites to. Again, her survival is more important than her living.

Being known as the Reaper has also put her at a distance from her fellow mutants. They respect her, but she is the walking embodiment of people they have lost, and if they are lucky, where they will end up. She’s a breathing afterlife. It’s bound to be off-putting, and so she has nearly none that she calls friends. She’s lonely, but suffocating under too strict of an existence. Half of which is her own doing. It makes for restless behavior, and a tendency to flout rules that she believes she can get away with bending. Just as a means of exerting some control over her life, if nothing else.

However, this desire for personal agency, lends itself to her being able to be extremely decisive. When she knows what she wants, even in a small measure, she just goes after it, so long as it doesn’t directly put anyone in unnecessary danger. If she wants to be alone, she will damn well go be alone. If she wants investigate something, she will do it. If she wants to talk to someone, she will talk to them. She can be firm and ruthless when she puts her mind to something, but it is always tempered with a strong sense of morals. She doesn't want to hurt people who don't deserve to be hurt. If she has to fight, she will fight, but only to the limits of what is necessary.

Yes, she can and has killed. She's killed people she's known on a positive basis. She's also killed enemies. But the former is a mercy and a duty, the latter is purely for survival. At her heart she's a caring, loving woman, who only wants to be free to be herself. She simply doesn't see that there is life for her beyond being Legacy. After all, it has never been an option for her before.

Character's skills/abilities/powers:
She has excellent combat skills and a remarkable agility, even outside her mutant powers. Prior to her days as Fortress X’s living Legacy for its fallen, she was able to use her skills. However, the General often denies her the opportunity to join open combat, for fear of her safety.

Her mutant power is the ability to absorb the power (if a mutant or other super powered being), and psyche’s of others through skin to skin contact. Her powers will drain those she touches for a period of time, usually on a 1/60 ratio. She is in full control of these powers, but it is still an unpleasant experience for those she touches for long periods. She can choose what she takes from people, and can limit it to only borrowing a portion of their powers. She can also use her powers in a fully aggressive way, and drain literally everything a person has in them, rendering them unconscious, for the duration of her possessing their abilities and skills. She can, and has killed using her powers this way.

This causes residue of other people's psyche's being stored in her mind. Unlike her 616 incarnation, Legacy has full control over her mind and is able to sequester new personalities, after the initial stages and acclimation of absorption. However, it is not made clear if she is able to withstand the overwhelming nature of certain powerful personalities after initial contact. For the purpose of keeping things sensible, it will be held that extremely potent personalities can likely overwhelm her as per normal.

Any special equipment your character is bringing along? Just her very nice uniform with it’s dramatic and billowy cloak
Are you bringing your character to [community profile] ten_fwd from another game? If you are, which game?: Nope
If you answered yes above, briefly summarize how they were changed by and what challenges they faced in the climate of their previous game(s): N/A
Why do you want to play this character in Ten Forward, and what do you plan to do with them? I want to explore Legacy in a world where she’s not being caged up or shot at about 99% of the time. Getting to explore her in a normal-esque environment where she can actually grow as a person would be awesome.

Writing Sample #1: Ten Forward Test Drive
Writing Sample #2 (optional): A different test drive where she talked to a few other people


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