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Name:Legacy | Anna Marie Darkholme
Location:United States of America
Name: Legacy | Anna Marie Darkholme
Age: Late 20's no specific birthdate is known
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150lbs (Marvel says 120 but lets try to be realistic here)
Hair color: Brown. Her hair grows white at the front however.
Eye color: Green
Abilities and Powers: Excellent hand to hand combatant, extremely agile, and has the ability to drain powers (if applicable), skills and memories from those she touches, skin to skin.
Canon: X-Men Legacy, Issue 245
World Info: Earth 11326. No positive mutant organizations existed to quell public fear about the growth of the mutant population. As such tension escalated, with mutants and their relatives, becoming illegal for merely existing, and are being exterminated by the human population little by little. Magneto has stolen several city blocks of New York and made a haven called Fortress X, where the last of the mutant population holds out against the onslaught of humanity. It has stood for 3000 days. For more extensive information, please click here.

Contact Post or find me on Plurk: Claireki77y

Disclaimer: This is an rp journal. I do not own nor profit from Legacy, who is the property of Disney and Marvel comic.
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